Boston Skydive Center LogoWhen we rolled up at the drop zone at 10:15, the plane was in the air and there were more students waiting to go. A number of the Saturday tandems were pushed to Sunday and so they got an early start. Dean had sent an email to me, but I was unable to check it while I was traveling because I couldn't remember my password!  (Note to me: get a new password!)

As we approached the manifest trailer, we were greeted by a woman named Kathy. She was expecting us and gave us waivers to complete. I was a little concerned when I saw they were tandem waivers, but Kathy said they didn't have experienced waivers.

While we were filling them out, a woman showed up to do a tandem to celebrate her birthday. Her name was pronounced T-erin, but I have no idea how to spell it!  She had two friends with her and one of them offered to braid my hair! She did an awesome job! It's amazing how fast we got to know each other.

Prior to boarding the plane, we had a chance to talk to Dean about the spot - where to exit and the winds aloft.   The ground winds were very strong, but they were coming right down the run way - the best wind direction for this drop zone. Awesome! They put up another load with two tandems and then it was our turn.

Me and Kathy

Me and Matt at Boston Skydive Center

We'd be on a load with a tandem instructor named Chris and T-Erin! It turns out that Chris was the guy that answered the phone when I called in September. In many ways, he was responsible for making this happen.  If it wasn't for his suggestion to email Dean, this opportunity to jump in Rhode Island may never have happened.

On the climb to altitude, Matt talked to the pilot. He was happy to be flying fun jumpers. I told him to be sure to waive to us as we left the plane. He did awesome!

Boston Skydive Center - Pilot

We exited the plane at 9K without much of a plan. There were a couple of kisses over Rhode Island and some 360's before we turned and traced away.

Boston Skydive Center - Aerial - Lincoln Rhode Island

Sarah & DeanThe airport has plenty of flat real estate, but aren't very many outs. Now that I have seen the view from above, I can understand the resistance to allowing fun jumpers. With the exception of a few open spots, the airport is surrounded by trees, water, and residential areas.

As I started my final approach, I wasn't 100% certain that I would make it over the tar. I ended up diverting my pattern and landing softly on the other side. Rhode Island!  State number 44 - only 6 left! I daisy chained my rig and took it to the car.

When I got back, I asked Dean to sign our log books and took this photo with him. Dean was getting ready to head to his Florida drop zone for the winter. While we were in the office, we saw a bunch of pictures of Dean jumping with the Space Shuttle in the background.

Before 9/11, they were allowed to jump during the launches just as long as they were 10 miles away from the airspace. The pictures are super cool! I tried to find one using google images, but didn't have much luck. You'll just have to visit one of Dean's drop zones to see them for yourself!

Our visit to Boston Skydive Center was perfect! We were so thankful that Dean allowed us to jump at his drop zone.

It was just after noon when we got in the car to leave. Happy to be heading home earlier than expected!

Oh...I almost forgot! They have the most pimped out port-a-potty that I have ever seen! Soap, water, and paper towels! You could flush the toilet and wash your hands! Amazing! Every drop zone without running water should invest one one of these!